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The Hookey (Pkg of 3)

The Hookey (Pkg of 3)

$14.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price

The Hookey comes in a package that includes three six inch lure protectors. Does not include shipping via USPS First Class Mail.

  • Product Info

    AVAILABLE NOW! Three pack of The Hookey lure protectors and caps.

  • Lure Protection using nCapsulation Technology.

    Every fishing trip usually involves untangeling lines from reels, adding lures, bobbers, weights, bait, etc...In addition, trying to prevent rods from tangeling among each other by lures that continue to hook other lines and rods you are carrying. You also have the worry of accidential hooking of boat seats, life jackets, kids, pets and even yourself while transporting the gathered gear. The Hookey was designed to virtually eleminate a majority of these hassles. You can insert spinner bait lures by sqeezing them into The Hookey and attaching hook to eyelet. You can insert large trolling lures, Top water lures, Drop shot setups, almost any kind of fishing rig imaginable. Spend more time fishing and playing Hookey from demanding chores. Spend less time untangeling lures from lines due to exposed lure hooks. We hope you enjoy! I know it is simple but I made it that way on purpose. Now GO FISH! 

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